Tea & Coffee Update

Money raised
So far this year, our tea and coffee ‘café’ at the back of church has raised over €3000.00 for missionary projects in Garango, Burkina Faso. Many thanks to Annette Power who is the driving force and organiser behind this important aspect of our parish life, and to all the teams on the rota who refresh us and help us mix each week.

Summer Rota
It is always a challenge to ensure there will be a team each week during the holiday season: if you are available any weekend during July, August and September, could you let Annette know, or sign up on the rota sheet at the 11:15 Mass. The Sunday refreshments are a vital part of the ‘social glue’ that keeps our community together, giving us an opportunity to meet and chat.

Our refreshments are not sold to you, but donations are politely asked for — in this way we further help people in a country less well-off than our own. If you take tea, coffee or lemonade, please do consider making a donation.


Fr Ed


I have received the following 2 appeals:

“Young Albanian refugee, mother of 3 children, speaking Albanian, English and learning French, looking of ra full-time job with a family (ironing, cleaning, babysitting), or in a restaurant or a firm.”
Please contact Violeta Kola: 671 104 824

A parishioner wishes to take her mother to Lourdes via Stansted 4th to 6th September. Would any person be interested in coming along? If so, please contact Christine.

Fr Ed

Urgent appeal for lodgings

URGENT APPEAL: Can you help to provide accommodation for a mother and her two teenage daughters for a period of one month starting on 2nd July?  They are unable to pay rent but would be willing to help with household chores etc, and our parish would be willing to subsidise their accommodation. For more details, please contact: Fr Ed.
You have been unfailingly generous in the past, I am confident we can help here too.
Thank you,
Fr Ed

Outdoor Mass – this Sunday, 2nd July

Our outdoor Mass and barbecue on 2nd July 2017 will be in the garden of the Archbishop’s residence at 3 Avenue Marie-Thérèse (next to the Konvict Centre) at 11:15.


Due to the ongoing building works at St Alphonse, the garden is not available. Our Parish Council approached the Archbishop about the possibility of us using the garden of his official residence, and he was more than generous in offering us the garden; we have done this once before, and found it to be a fabulous venue: 10 mins walk from St Alphonse (& its parking), much more spacious, and it gives us the opportunity to set up the various spaces — spiritual, for the Mass, practical, for the BBQ, and lots of space for leisure (i.e. children, water-pistols, ball-games etc).

The collection will be taken as usual, and a freewill offering can be made to cover expenses; all proceeds from this offering will be divided between our pilgrimage to Lourdes this year, the Illula Orphanage Trust, which we support, and Garango (Burkina Faso) which has long been a missionary endeavour of the (former) Paroisse Européene, and to which our regular tea/coffee receipts are sent.

The outdoor Mass and BBQ is a significant event for our community (and for others who join us) — we can mingle, meet other people we might otherwise not have the chance to speak with, and strengthen the social aspect of our parish, which in turn strengthens the spiritual aspect (and vice-versa).

Put the date in your diary!

Fr Ed

Books for refugees & others

We have acquired several boxes of books for children and adults, in French and in English; these books were donated in response to appeals for reading material for refugees and others learning languages in Luxembourg. The space where the books have been stored is now needed for something else, and so we must either find a home for the books, or send them to be recycled (which would, in my opinion, be a shame).

If you can think of a good home for any or all of the books, please let me know. We need to clear the space before the weekend.


Fr Ed

Niece appeal [update]

Update: I posted this appeal late on Wednesday evening (31 June) and was very grateful to receive very quickly a number of kind, generous offers. I accepted the first that arrived, and wish to thank you who responded so generously, offering to open your home to Ciara. I never fail to be impressed by the openness and generosity of the people of our community. Thank you again,

Fr Ed

This is a personal request: my niece Ciara (16 years old) is coming from Ireland to Luxembourg tomorrow (1st June) to attend a meeting in Clervaux — she is travelling to Thailand with the archdiocesan group (she learned of the trip on this website).

She and her family did not realise that this weekend is probably the busiest weekend in the whole Luxembourg calendar, being the weekend of Pentecost and the Echternach dancing procession. She is looking for accommodation tomorrow (Thursday) night, and Saturday night (3rd June). She’s easy-going and an ideal guest. Is there any couple/family in our community who could put her up for one or both of these nights?

I’m currently in Ireland with my parents, and the couvent St Alphonse is not yet open again, so I can’t offer immediate help.


Fr Ed