Children’s Liturgy online – 12 July 2020

CAFOD 15 A Ord


Jesus tells lots of stories – “parables”.


In today’s Gospel, Jesus tells a story … about why he tells stories. He asks us to imagine that the stories are seeds. So this Sunday, in the Children’s Liturgy (at 10:45 on Zoom), we are going to plant seeds. What do you think will happen to the seeds? And the stories? Let’s see…

Worksheet: LOOK-Sunday-12th-July-2020

More information: Children’s Liturgy online

This will be the last Children’s Liturgy by Zoom before the summer break.

Thank you to all the children, parents and catechists who have kept this essential part of our community life going through this difficult period!

The shape of Christianity in the future

The World Community for Christian Meditation (WCCM), to which our own meditation group is affiliated, is offering an on-line retreat from 21-26 July. The theme will be: What is the shape of Christianity going to be in the Future? It will be led by James Alison, a well-regarded priest and theologian.

More details HERE, including a link to a short video in which Alison explains what he hopes to do during the retreat.

Children’s Liturgy online – 5 July 2020


Does God help us or make our lives difficult?

In today’s Gospel story, Jesus thanks God for helping him and helping us.

He says that we should learn from him.

And the best thing? He says that it’s not clever grown-ups who understand this, but children!     

Worksheet: LOOK-Sunday-5th-July-2020

The Children’s Liturgy will be organised on Zoom today 5 July 2020 at 10:45 and again next Sunday 12 July at the same time. We will then take a break for the summer holidays in the hope of returning to a more normal situation in September.

Attending Sunday Mass

The parish office will be closed from Monday 6 July for 3 weeks.

If you wish to attend either the Sunday 11.30am Mass or the 6.30pm Mass, please do not call, but arrive in good time at the church and you will be directed to a seat.