Sesobel: Childhood Disability in Lebanon

SESOBEL is a charitable organisation dedicated to helping children with disabilities and their families in Lebanon.


Childhood disability affects families in every country on the planet. For the Coughlan family in our community, it is a daily reality. Through their engagement in the International Cerebral Palsy Society (, they know the work of many, mostly small-scale organisations around the world dealing directly with the needs of children in their local community. SESOBEL is one of them.

The Covid-19 pandemic was just the latest in a series of shocks for this charity: the nation’s financial crisis, civil unrest, more refugees from neighbouring Syria per capita than any other country… and then came the explosions that devastated Beirut on 4 August 2020.

SESOBEL is doing essential work under very difficult circumstances. Here is a list of how your donations could help them:

  • Food batch for a family of 4 persons: 100 EUR/USD
  • Hygiene package per family: 100 EUR/USD
  • Diapers/nappies for 1 child or 1 youth per month: 30 EUR/USD
  • Chronic medicines per child or his parents per month: 50 EUR/USD (not included cancer, epilepsy, sclerosis or degenerative diseases medicines…)
  • Individual or group psychological intervention session: 100 EUR/USD
  • Respiratory physiotherapy session at home: 40 EUR/USD (including protection accessories)
  • Sponsoring a child per month: 1000 EUR/USD
  • Any donation during this very difficult time that enable SESOBEL to carry on.

Click here for an update following the explosions on 4 August: Help Request – Beirut Blast.

You can donate in two ways: