Funerals and Memorials

Funerals and Memorial Celebrations/Masses

When a loved one dies in Luxembourg, typically one only has two or three days to plan a funeral. There are some peculiarities in Luxembourg law regarding such celebrations, the chief of which is that one is not permitted to bring a coffin into church. A funeral or funeral Mass can be celebrated before or after a burial or cremation — usually in a church, but not in the cemetery or crematorium.

I am always willing to celebrate funerals for members of our community, their families and friends, and for members of other Christian communities. Usually I would meet with family members to discuss the service, music, readings and prayers, and to talk about the person who has died. My aim is to reflect the life of the person who has died, and to speak gently and truthfully about them, in the light of the Gospel, commending them to God’s mercy.

It is not always possible to arrange a funeral at short notice, or maybe the deceased person is returned to their country of origin for burial. In these cases and others, I can help you arrange a memorial celebration or Mass at a subsequent date; these would, of course, be mainly in English, but French and other languages may be incorporated also as possible and appropriate.

If I am not in Luxembourg, I will do my best to help you find another English-speaking priest, and to organise the celebration.

Each Sunday (and Saturday evening) we remember all those we have loved and lost. If you would like someone who has died to be remembered (on their anniversary of death, for example) please let me know, and I will include them in the prayers of the Mass.

Fr Michael