Synod 2021-2023

LATEST NEWS: The submission from the Archdiocese of Luxembourg to the Vatican for the final stages of the Synodal Process, which reflects the contributions of parishes, communities and groups from all of Luxembourg, is now available (only in French at the moment). You can read it by clicking here

The English-speaking Community of the Parish of Luxembourg Notre-Dame is participating in the Synod 2021-2023 and you are all invited to contribute.

Stage 1: Consultation

In the first stage of this process, we asked you to answer some questions about your experience of the Church today. We received nearly 120 responses. Thank you to everyone who contributed!

Click here for a summary of the answers to the consultation:

Stage 2: Small Group Discussions

The next stage of the Synodal consultation within our English-speaking Community is a series of (face-to-face or online) discussions involving small groups and focusing on specific aspects of life in the Church:

  • Christian Meditation: Thurs 17 March, 6pm
  • Catechesis: Thurs 17 March, 6pm
  • Diakonia: Sat 19 March, 4pm
  • Readers & Eucharistic Ministers: Thurs 24 March, 6pm
  • Music Group: Fri 25 March, 6:30pm

If you would like to join one of these groups or if you would like to organise a discussion for another group, please contact

Stage 3: Final Workshop

The final stage will be a workshop open to everyone on Sunday 27 March 2022. The outcomes of the online consultation and the small group discussions will be shared and participants will reflect on the key messages to be included in our Community’s contribution to the wider Synodal process. 

The event will take place from 13:00 to 15:00 in Le Royal Hotel. Tea and coffee will be served. Everyone is welcome to attend but we would especially encourage the participation of younger members of our community (under 30). Please register by Monday 21 March:


Our English-speaking Community is contributing to this process through the framework established by the Archdiocese of Luxembourg. We are beginning at a personal and group level, before feeding into the diocesan contribution and the wider discussion within the global Church.

  • February 2022: online consultation within the English-speaking community of Luxembourg
  • March 2022: discussion groups and workshop for the English-speaking community of Luxembourg
  • April 2022: contribution of the English-speaking community to the Luxembourg diocesan synodal team
  • July 2022: contribution of the Archdiocese of Luxembourg to the Synod
  • Autumn 2022: discussions at global-regional level in preparation for the Synod
  • October 2023: Synod of Bishops in Rome

“Pope Francis is calling the Church to rediscover its synodal roots, which will involve a process of humbly learning together how God is calling us to be as the Church in the third millennium.”


Our contribution

The final report from our Community, which reflects the outcomes from the questionnaires, discussion groups and the workshop has now been submitted to the Archdiocese of Luxembourg. You can download it in either English or French by clicking on the link below.

Reports from discussion groups within our community, Diakonia, Catechists, Christian Meditation, Musicians, Readers and Eucharistic Ministers can be downloaded below:

A further report has also been compiled of additional comments and suggestions made by members of the English-speaking Community via the questionnaire and the discussion groups. These points will be discussed via the Pastoral Council. You can download this report below and any further comments or feedback can be sent into the Parish Office:

Our community’s contribution to this historic process is being led by our Pastoral Council and implemented by a steering group composed of Caren Baviera, John Coughlan and Francesco Spreafico, supported by Lorna Cassidy, Mairead and Tom Cranfield, Cliodhna Dempsey, Angela Domasova, Steve McCarthy, Klaudia Michalak-Palarz, Sebastian Orlander, and Hanna and Tom Zigrand-Dagodog.

Reports from other parishes, linguistic communities, religious orders, schools and groups are available on the Diocesan Synodal page by clicking here