Emmaüs: Camino de Santiago

P1010961-640x427Emmaüs in southern France was set up by Steve and Carol McCarthy from the International English-Speaking Community at St Alphonse:

At Emmaüs pilgrims walking the Camino de Santiago can, for a while, lay down their burdens – either physical or spiritual. They can take off their rucksacks to rest, take a drink, or shelter from the sun or the rain. They can also take a moment to reflect and pray in our little ‘chapel’ or unburden themselves in anonymous conversation.

For us the day starts at 8.30 am with a short service of morning prayer, in French or English, to which passing pilgrims are warmly invited.

Emmaüs is at Arthez de Béarn, on the Via Podiensis (the Way that follows the GR65) and mid-way between Arzac-Arraziguet and Navarrenx. We are at 20, Chemin du Bosc, which is directly on the Camino about twenty minutes’ walk beyond the centre of the village.

Arthez itself offers several possibilities for overnight accommodation, see the Useful Links page. There is also a site, about half a kilometre further on, where pilgrims are free to set up their tent and camp for the night.

To find out more: caminoaccueilarthez.org