Coffee Rota

Here is the Coffee Rota until mid December. If you are unable to come on the Sunday indicated please change with someone else.

Best to arrive in Church by 10h45 at the latest in order to get things ready. You will need to bring between you 3 or 4 packets of plain biscuits, 2 litres of milk, a rubbish bag and a tea-towel. Please give the money collected to either Annette Power or Fr Ed. All profits from the coffee donations go to the Ilula Orphan Project in Tanzania.. If you notice a shortage in supplies – tea, coffee, sugar, lemonade or cups, please let me know.

Many thanks for helping on the rota. Anyone else willing to help should contact me by telephone (691 370097) or e-mail: The rotas are published on the parish website – and also a copy is posted on the church notice board.

22 Sept      Annette Power                 Mary Butler                       Angela Milne

29    “         Gerri Egan                       Liam Egan                         Annette Power


 06 Oct        Evelyn                              Imelda                                Marylou

13    “         Mary Butler                    Lolita Kronberga              Gabrielle van Voorst

20    “         Valerie and James Mulrennen                                  Olive Deasy

27    “         Steve and Carol McCarthy                                       Angela Milne


 03 Nov       Jun and Derly Encarnacion  and family

10    “         Elizabeth  and Dermot Hanly                                   Nicola Hammond

17    “         Rosalie and Patrick Buendia and family

24    “         Benedict and Elisabeth Banerjee and family


 01 Dec        Mairead Cranfield             Carmela Yu                    Gerard Duhr

08    “         Ewa and Emily Paradowske                                     Jarek Radomyski

15    “         Helen Stenke                     Marcella McCarthy        Anne Schmidt

 A warm welcome back to St Alphonse after what I hope has been a happy and relaxing summer holiday. I trust you will find the above after Mass tea/coffee schedule convenient for you.

 The next rota will cover the Christmas and New Year holiday period and I would be grateful if you could let me know your availability by the end of November, please.

 Many thanks