Mothers Prayers

Weekly meetings in Luxembourg city.

English speaking group meets on Mondays at 13.00.

Anyone interested is welcome to come.

 Further information: Contact Monique Oswald Tel. 661493873 or email at: sharknstew at (for ‘at’ substitute @ . This is a device to avoid scam emails.)

 Background Information:

Veronica Williams, the founder of this community, is British and felt God calling her to do something for her children and children in general. She waited for Him to lead her. Through prayer it became clearer that she should pray with other ladies. Over time this has become the global community of spiritual mothers we call Mothers Prayers.

Ladies meet in a home to pray for their children and grandchildren or children generally. There are nine different prayers that are prayed all over the world as part of a Mothers Prayers gathering including a prayer to the Holy Spirit to guide the meeting. It is quite powerful to pray with other mothers for one’s children. However,it is not exclusive to physical mothers. Any woman with an interest in praying for children may participate. There are 50 convents in the UK who pray Mothers Prayers and are Spiritual Mothers making the world safer and better through prayer.

Veronica has come four times to visit us in Luxembourg and celebrated mass with us in St. Alphonse and spoke to the congregation.