Children’s Liturgy

At Mass every Sunday morning, the younger children participate in their own version of the Liturgy of the Word.

The worksheets are posted on this website every Sunday: simply sign up for updates in the box on the right.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Children’s Liturgy is currently being held online (by Zoom). Children must be registered using this form

To help you join in from home, we brought together our regular resources for the Children’s Liturgy on this page. 

1. Sorry

After greeting each other, we begin Mass by saying “sorry” for anything we have done wrong over the last week.

2. Prayer

We pray together in silence, focused on the candle, speaking directly to God. However small we are, every one of us can speak to God in this way.

3. Thanks

We thank God for how good He is to us by singing the “Gloria”. The following recording only works if you take part: you must clap after each “Gloria!”

4. The Gospel Reading and reflection 

Each week we listen to a different story from the Gospel — the same one the grown-ups are hearing — and we reflect on it through drawings, puzzles and other activities.

5. Return to Mass

After the Children’s Liturgy, we rejoin the rest of the community for Mass.

6. Other resources

If you’re looking for more materials like the ones we use in the Children’s Liturgy, here are some useful links:

Videos: Starring David, David, Eva, Giacomo, Guglielmo, Jakub, Joana, Marko, Rehen, Rozenne, Sara and Teresa. Produced by the Children’s Liturgy team.