Children’s Liturgy

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Stars prepared during the Children’s Liturgy adorn the historic Nativity scene in St Alphonse (2015)

Our Children’s Liturgy is a vital part of our parish life: children aged from 3 to 7 (with variations on either side) have their own celebration during the 11:15 Mass each Sunday. The older ones (5-7) usually come back into Mass with the Offertory Procession while the younger ones (3-5) rejoin the rest of the community just before the Our Father.

For many of these children, this is their only formal religious education, catechising them until they are old enough to join the First Holy Communion group.

The Children’s Liturgy is prepared and led by volunteer parents and other members of the parish under the guidance of the Parish Priest. There are at least two adult catechists present and parents are always welcome to join before, after or during the liturgy.


If you would like your child to take part in the Children’s Liturgy, simply follow the priest’s invitation at the start of Mass. Feel free to go along with your child as often or as little as you or s/he wish. If you simply want to find out more, please come along and speak to the catechist(s) before or after Mass.

If your child participates regularly in the Children’s Liturgy, please fill out and return the following form:

Form: children-liturgy-registration


The Children’s Liturgy depends on parents and other adults willing to lead and help out every Sunday. If you are interested in leading the Children’s Liturgy as a catechist or in helping out on a regular basis, please send a brief e-mail explaining your motivation and availability to the contact persons mentioned below.

If you join the Children’s Liturgy rota, you will be asked to provide the appropriate criminal records check “extrait du casier judiciaire : bulletins no. 3 et no. 5“, which can be requested here, and to sign the guidelines for ministers linked below. The engagement of all adults with children and vulnerable adults in the parish is supervised by our safeguarding sub-committee.

Guidelines: Principles of Ministry


Children’s Liturgy coordinator: John Coughlan (