Counters’ Rota

Rota for the Counting of Church collection: Dec. 1st – Feb. 23rd 2014                  download as Word doc

Sun. Dec 1st:  Marthese and Ann B.

Sun. Dec. 8th: Monique and Mairead.

Sun. Dec.15th: Regan and Tom C.

Sun. Dec.22nd: Marcella and Annette.

Sun. Dec.25th:  Robert and Marcella.

Sun. Dec.29th:: David and Aindrias.

Sun. Jan. 5th:: Silvio and Lorna.

Sun. Jan. 12th: Cliodhna and Aindrias

Sun. Jan. 19th:: Regan and Monique

Sun. Jan. 26th: Mairead and Marthese

Sun. Feb. 2nd:  Marcella and Annette.

Sun. Feb. 9th:: Ann B. and Robert.

Sun. Feb. 16th: Cliodhna and David.

Sun. Feb. 23rd:  Lorna and Silvio.

Important points…

  1. It is important to ask for and include the collection from Sat. evening in the count.
  2. You must fill in the form which Fr. Hone will make available in the sacristy indicating the total in notes and coins and the overall total.
  3. You must date and then both counters sign the form.
  4. In the event of anyone not being able to do the count on the Sunday indicated above please arrange to swap with someone else in advance.
  5. There is no need to count the brown coins (coppers).  These are put in the basket for Garango. Please take them out to the coffee servers before leaving so they can be added to their collection.