Our New parish council

On Monday, february 14th, the first meeting of the newly constituted Parish Council took place.  The members, including one alternate, are: Fr. Eamonn Breslin, David Borg, Michael Doyle, Robert Foley, Cheryl Kouba, Marthese Lufi, Marcella McCarthy, Silvio Muller, Regan Otte, Monique Oswald.  Cheryl Kouba was elected chairperson and the election for secretary will take place at the next meeting on Tuesday, May 10th. Several ideas were prososed in regard to the use and future of the Parish council.  these included, but were not limited to, Inter-Parish/Diocesan dialogue, relationship counseling, social contact and procedures during Mass.

We would like to hear from you.  Beginning on the weekend of Saturday, March 5th and Sunday, March 6th, forms will be available in the back of the church on which you will be able to volunteer to help serve the parish and to express your ideas to help make the parish meet the needs of all parishioners.  Please take a few moments to fill in a form and then drop it into the box which will be located next to the forms.

The Members of the Parish Council