Children’s Liturgy online – Easter Sunday 12 April 2020 – Special Edition


Today is Easter Sunday and we invite you to participate in a special edition of the Children’s Liturgy.

This is for all the children and for everyone in our Community!

Every Sunday morning, our English-Speaking Community of the Parish of Luxembourg Notre-Dame, gathered at the Church of St Alphonse, invites the younger children to participate in their own version of the Liturgy…

Today, Easter Sunday, we invite the rest of the Community to join us!

1. Sorry

After greeting each other, we begin Mass by saying “sorry” for anything we have done wrong over the last week.


2. Prayer

We pray together in silence, focused on the candle, speaking directly to God.

However small we are, every one of us can speak to God in this way.


3. Thanks

During Lent, we have been preparing for the great feast of Easter.

It has been a sad time, for many reasons. We have not sung the “Gloria” … until TODAY!

Today we sing the “Gloria” with special thanks for the glory of God!

The following recording only works if you take part: you must clap after each “Gloria!”


4. The Gospel Reading (John 20: 1-9)

Please read this to your children:

Before sunrise on the Sunday morning, Mary of Magdala went to the tomb. As she reached the entrance, she saw that the stone had been rolled away and the tomb was empty. She ran to the disciples saying, “They have taken the Lord from the tomb and we don’t know where they have put him!”

Peter and another disciple, John, ran to the tomb and found it just as Mary had described, with the linen burial cloths lying on the ground. The cloth which had been wrapped around Jesus’ head lay rolled up separately from the other pieces of cloth. Peter went into the tomb first, followed by John.

Until this moment they had not understood the Scriptures which had said, “He must rise from the dead.” But now they saw, and they believed.


5. Reflection

We reflect on the Gospel reading through puzzles, drawings and readings in our worksheet: LOOK-Sunday-12th-April-2020.

Happy Easter!   Allelulia!


Starring David, David, Eva, Giacomo, Guglielmo, Jakub, Joana, Marko, Rehen, Rozenne, Sara and Teresa

Produced by the Children’s Liturgy team.