Children’s Liturgy online – 2 August 2020

CAFOD 18 A Ord


Five loaves. Two fishes. Do you think that is enough to feed five thousand men, as well as all the women and children who are with them?

In today’s Gospel, we hear how Jesus managed to do just that. And when everyone was finished, there were twelve baskets of leftovers!

How did he do it? Was it magic? Or does Jesus have another way of making miracles happen?

What would you do to make sure that a crowd of five thousand people all get enough to eat?

Worksheet: LOOK-Sunday-2nd-August-2020

Colouring sheet: click here

More information: Children’s Liturgy online

N.B. We will resume the Children’s Liturgy live in September – either in person or online, depending on the public health situation.