Children’s Liturgy online – 6 September 2020

“When two or three of you meet together in my name, then I will be there with you.”

In today’s Gospel, Jesus tells his disciples that it is really easy to pray to him. When just two or three of us get together to pray – even online! – Jesus is there with us.

Just as we should do our best to make up to our friends and family when we have an argument, we should take every chance to pray to Jesus. Because that effort is worth it and Jesus will answer our prayers.

A way to pray

The universal sign of asking for something is to hold out our open hands, hoping that what we need will be given us. This is something we all do every day without even thinking about it. It is a most appropriate gesture for prayer, where it is a sign of our need of God, our dependence on God, and our expectation that God will hear us and be generous to us.

  • Place your hands in your lap, open to receive.
  • Think how good God is and how God loves us.
  • Think of how Jesus fed people, forgave people, taught people, healed people and loved people.
  • Close your eyes and ask God for what you need.
  • Imagine God gently placing all good things into your open hands.
  • Now say the “Our Father”, with your hands still open, in the same way as we do in Church when we return from the Children’s Liturgy.

The “Hands Open” prayer is an extract from the book “All Together: Creative Prayer with Children” by our own Fr Ed Hone and Roisín Coll:

Children’s Liturgy live:
We aim to restart the Children’s Liturgy during Sunday morning Mass at St Alphonse on Sunday 4 October 2020. In the meantime, we will continue to post the Children’s Liturgy resources online every Sunday.

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