Children’s Liturgy online – 13 September 2020

A story from the Gospel of St Matthew:

Peter came to Jesus and asked him, “How many times must I forgive someone who does me wrong, Lord? Should it be as many as seven times?”

Jesus answered, “Not just seven times, Peter, but as many as seventy-seven times!”

Then Jesus told a parable about the kingdom of heaven: “There was once a king who had many servants. One servant owed the king a great deal of money, but he had nothing to pay him with. ‘I will sell you and your family as slaves and use the money to pay for your debts’, said the king. The servant fell to his knees and begged for another chance. ‘Somehow I will repay everything I owe’, he pleaded. The king was a kind and generous man and, taking pity on the servant, cancelled his debts and let him go. Later that day, the same servant met another man who owed him a small amount of money. When he could not pay what he owed, the servant had him thrown into jail. When the news reached the king, he sent for the unforgiving servant. ‘Could you not forgive someone just as I forgave you?’ he asked. Then he had the servant thrown into prison until he could pay back all that he owed the king.”

Jesus said, “This is how my heavenly Father will treat you unless you forgive others with all your heart.”

Every Sunday we remember to say sorry to God for whatever we have done wrong. And God forgives us:

When we doing something wrong to someone else, it is important to say sorry.

And when someone else says sorry to us, it is important to forgive them.

That is how we all stay friends and share in God’s love for all of us.

Children’s Liturgy live:
We aim to restart the Children’s Liturgy during Sunday morning Mass at St Alphonse on Sunday 4 October 2020. In the meantime, we will continue to post the Children’s Liturgy resources online every Sunday.

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Adapted Gospel reading from “The Liturgy of the Word with Children” by Katie Thompson from Twenty-Third Century Publications.