WCCM Bonnevaux Centre Speaker Series starts this week:

The mediation group would like to draw your attention to a series of seminars hosted by the Bonnevaux Centre which start this week with: Reconciling Opposites in a Polarised World with Sarah Bachelard.
Further details on the programme and how to register can be found below.

Drawing on the global richness of our spiritual community, we are bringing inspiring and refreshing speakers from around the world to this Bonnevaux monthly series in 2021. 

The series will run from 21 January to 16 December 2021. The first talk of the series, Reconciling Opposites in a Polarised World by Sarah Bachelard, will run next Thursday 21st January, 9 – 10:30 pm (French time).You can register for Sarah’s talk or for the whole series.Here is the schedule of this series: 

21 January, Sarah Bachelard: Reconciling Opposites in a Polarised World
9 February, Rowan Williams: Meditation – With or Without Expectations?
9 March, Herman Van Rompuy: Changing the Climate of Aggression and Restoring Trust
30 March, Cynthia Bourgeault title to be confirmed
8 April, Charles Taylor: Listening to People We Don’t Like
20 May, Rupert Sheldrake: Ways to Go Beyond
10 June, Liz Watson title to be confirmed
15 July, Dr. Julia Kim title to be confirmed
16 September, Bela Hatvany: A Caring Economy
29 October, David Lorimer: A Quest for Wisdom
9 November, Marco Schorlemmer: A Healthy Intelligence for Our Digitised Societies
16 December, Kim Nataraja: Why Meditate?

More information on each talk is available on the website.
Always deepening her insight into what ‘contemplative Christianity’ means and what the options for the church of the future are, Sarah will tackle the dilemma of modern discourse – how to be committed to a good cause without increasing polarisation, how to practise peace in a culture spoiling for a fight.
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Please visit the Bonnevaux Programme to have a look at all retreats, seminars and workshops planned for 2021 — there is a diverse range of events planned for this year. Alongside our usual retreats this year we are launching several series of talks, collections of teachings that will run throughout the course of the year.