A Post Covid world – what are the changes you would like to see? Thursday 25 March at 7.30pm

Diakonia our Social Justice subcommittee invite us on Thursday 25 March at 7.30pm to attend together a Zoom discussion on: 

                       A Post Covid World: What are the changes you would like to see?

In his book ‘Let us Dream,’ Pope Francis tells us to dream big, and to rethink our priorities. If we have the courage to change we can emerge from the challenge better than before.

God asks us to create something new.  We cannot return to the false securities of the political and economic systems we had before the crisis.  We need economies that give to all access to the fruits of creation…We need a politics that can integrate and dialogue with the poor…. We need to slow down, take stock, and design better ways of living together on this earth’

Pope Francis ‘ Let us Dream’ 2020, p.6

Contact the parish office for the link to join the meeting: parish@catholic.lu