Here are the latest updates from the Diocese as of 11th March 2022

 Removal of anti-Covid protection measures in the ecclesial context

 With the entry into force of the new anti-covid legal provisions this weekend, all the protective measures taken so far concerning religious services and catechesis become null and void.

 In accordance with the general call for caution at gatherings in the future, the Diocesan Administration nevertheless asks, out of consideration for all participants, to respect the following rules during religious services:

 1. It is up to each attendee to decide whether they wish to continue wearing the mask during the church service or not.

 2. During the distribution of communion, the minister of communion will continue to wear the mask and sanitize his hands.

 3. Communion in the mouth is allowed again.  However, persons who wish to receive communion in the mouth present themselves before the minister of communion at the end of the communion procession.

 4. Communion in the chalice for the faithful (eg Holy Thursday) is not permitted.

 5. The provision of holy water is permitted again.  The use of holy water in the church or in the cemetery is left to the free choice of the faithful.

 6. The Archbishop lifts the dispensation from the Sunday precept.

 7. With regard to catechesis, the parishes are free to maintain or not the wearing of the mask, taking into account the conditions of the place.