Synod 2021-23: The Church wants to hear from you!

Pope Francis has issued a worldwide invitation to all the faithful to help prepare the 2023 Synod of Bishops. The English-speaking Catholic Community of Luxembourg is contributing to this process, starting with a consultation of you – the people who make up our community.

This consultation invites you to answer some questions about the Church today. It is for people who go to church regularly, occasionally or not at all.

Paper versions of the consultation will be distributed at Mass but we would very much prefer if you respond online. Contributions on paper can be returned to a box by the altar rail at Mass.

All questions are optional and all answers are anonymous. Please submit your contribution by March 2nd (Ash Wednesday).

Thank you for sharing your experience of the Church!

Your Synodal Steering Group: Caren Baviera, John Coughlan, Francesco Spreafico