‘Hear the Cry of the Earth; hear the cry of the poor.

‘Hear the Cry of the Earth; hear the cry of the poor. (Pope Francis)

From today the Diakonia group of our parish will make a weekly suggestion on how we might hear ‘The cry of the Earth”.  Some suggestions might be simple, some more demanding.  None of us will be able to adopt them all consistently, but as Christians we should strive to change the way we live on God’s Earth.

Today’s suggestion: take a slow, observant walk in the forest.

Let us notice the abundance and sheer diversity of God’s beautiful Creation.  Perhaps turn our walk into a gentle prayer, asking for the grace to appreciate the gift of Creation.  But let us do so lightly; this Earth is to be enjoyed as well as to be cared for.  Perhaps also practise our ‘care’ by bringing a bag to collect litter as we go along.