Warm clothing donations needed for Ukraine

We have received the message below from groups taking donations to Ukraine – please take your donations to the collection centres below.

The Johanniter Luxembourg and Belgium and the Malteser Luxembourg are collecting winter clothes for 60 frontline villages in south-east-Ukraine.Your donation will be distributed to the people of the war-torn villages around Cherson by our partner, the charity foundation New Dawn in Odessa.

If you have any winter clothes, which are not needed anymore, please donate them for the people of Ukraine!The people are living in a very miserable situation, often in houses with holes in the roof and broken windows. The energy supply is very often cut off.

WHAT: Winter clothes like jackets, coats, wool hats, gloves, trousers, socks, shoes, sleeping bags, mats, blankets                                                                         

WHERE: Our collection centre is located at the Malteser centre in Belair (110, av. Gaston Diderich)

WHEN: You can come anytime till 6 January 2023.

Our lorries leave on 14 December, 22 December and another one in early January!

Please find attached our flyer for more information!