Ukrainian family urgently needs accommodation

The family have been in temporary accommodation since July last year with a family who belong to our parish .

This was always only meant to be a temporary solution until the Red Cross found the family their own place or a more permanent shared accommodation.  Unfortunately so far the Red Cross have not been able to do so.  The family is due to move out in June. 

The family comprises a mum and two teenage boys.   They are a decent, hard working family, who come from east Ukraine. The family with whom they currently live are more than happy to recommend them. They speak English and are also learning French. 

They are open to considering anything, anywhere! They need to have access to the city centre by public transport as Mum works in Contern in catering and the boys are in school in the city centre. 

They will consider one or two bedroom accommodation in an individual house or apartment, or shared accommodation with other families, furnished or unfurnished.

As Mum is working, they can pay rent up to approx 1200 euros a month.  Her contract is CDD. The family also has a “RENTAL GUARANTEE”  in place with THE RED CROSS. 

Please contact the Parish Office if you can help: