Attending Sunday Mass

The parish office will be closed from Monday 6 July for 3 weeks.

If you wish to attend either the Sunday 11.30am Mass or the 6.30pm Mass, please do not call, but arrive in good time at the church and you will be directed to a seat.

Vigil service for victims of torture:

On Friday 26 June we remember and pray for all victims of torture.  Normally a vigil service is held in one of the city’s churches, but this year we have been asked to observe it in our homes so that as many as possible can participate.  Fr Ed will hold a short vigil service at 7pm on Friday which will be live-streamed via Facebook. 

A service leaflet will be posted shortly on this website. If you would like to record one of the readings (text will be provided) and send it in, please email the parish office as soon as possible: