Act now against evacuation of camps for asylum seekers

The Diakonia group would like to bring to your attention the opportunity to act against the ongoing dehumanisation of asylum seekers caused by the European political choice of assigning them to an indecent, dangerous and inhuman place to live in, is in dangerous contradiction with our own laws.

Please follow the link below to sign the petition or take part in the march on Sunday.

Fr Ed’s final Mass this Sunday

If you have booked a seat at this Mass please note that there will be no parking. You are advised to park at the glacis or the place de Théâtre.

The Welcomers’ Team requests that you arrive early so that everyone can be seated safely. They will be ready to greet you from 11.00am.

Pleas make sure you are wearing a mask.

English resources available

Members of the St Alphonse Community are leaving Luxembourg and have a number of DVDs in English, various genres, as well as a full set of Encyclopedia Britannica (1990 editions) they would like to donate.

If you are interested, please contact the parish office in the first instance: