Fun & Sports

The Anglican Community invites us to join in with their fun and sports day on Sunday 16th June from 12:30 onwards in the area near the lake at the Coque Sports ground.

At around 15:00 there will be a fun Tug of War between the churches followed by beer & hymns.  Please let the parish office know if you will be attending>

Volunteers for translation required

The youth ministry and catechesis teams of the diocese of Luxembourg are developing a Confirmation Course, which will hopefully be available after August this year in French, German, English and Portuguese.
The original is being written in French right now. The first part is ready, and translation into several languages has started.
We have been asked by Father Michel, Youth Chaplain for the Archdiocese, if anyone from the English-speaking community could volunteer to translate part or all of the Confirmation course into English or assist with the final editing.  If you are able to help , please contact the parish for a copy of the script:

Were you recently confirmed?

The Archbishop invites all Confirmation candidates in Luxembourg for a day of activities 16 June 2019. This day will take place from 09.30 to 17.00 in Fieldgen (21, rue d’Anvers, Luxembourg). All young people who are preparing for Confirmation are invited and also those who have already received the sacrament. The programme is varied and contains opportunities for fun, celebration, sport, music, and discussion. For more information please click the on link below.

Affiche letzfirm

Pilgrimage Mass: Sunday 19 May

The Pilgrimage Mass (in the framework of the Octave) for the Central Sector of the Parish of Lëtzebuerg Notre-Dame (to which our community belongs) will take place in the Notre-Dame Cathedral on Sunday 19 May at 18:00. We are all warmly invited.