A prophet for our time?

Those of you who came to our Evening of Hope for the Planet will recall that we spoke briefly about the young Swedish campaigner Greta Thunberg. She is now engaged in a European wide tour and you can watch her recent speech to a packed European Parliament here.

Perhaps it’s an exaggeration to call her a prophet for our time… But we should remember that God chooses the most unlikely people to be prophets. After all, as one of the scribes or Pharisees said somewhere: ‘What good ever came out of Nazareth?’


Report on the Evening of Hope for the Planet

eoh3 (768x1024)More than thirty people participated in our Evening of Hope for the Planet, which took place on Sunday 7 April. We had extracts from the film Demain, a talk on Pope Francis Encyclical Laudato Si and suggestions for practical action.

Fr Ed then made Hope for the Planet and the life of St Francis a theme of his Sunday evening Mass.

You can read a full report of the evening on the Laudato Si page of this website.

Evening of Hope – Sunday 7 April at 17.30

Come and join our Evening of Hope for the Planet on Sunday 7 April (tomorrow) at 17.30. It will take place in the St Alphonse monastery – entrance through the monastery garden/car park. We will show extracts from the film Demain, have a short presentation of Pope Francis Encyclical letter Laudato Si and also of some environmental initiatives in Luxembourg. This will be followed by the usual Sunday evening Mass at 19.00 when we will sing the Laudato Si hymn.

Week of Guided Prayer

Our Week of Guided Prayer starts at 18.00 this Sunday (March 10) with an open meeting in the Monastery meeting room. (Access through the back of the church after the Sunday evening Mass or through the Monastery garden.) This is an opportunity to deepen you prayer life and your personal relationship with God. Come and find out more.

Download the programme Guided Prayer booklet or email  or phone Steve McCarthy 621 31 91 10.

“Growing in awareness of Jesus’ presence in daily life lies at the heart of moving from knowing about Jesus to knowing Him. For centuries Christians have befitted from the help of an accompanier to help them discern His presence.” Rev Geoff Read