Christian Meditation Group

The Christian Meditation Group meets in the garden/parking meeting room at the couvent of St Alphonse each Wednesday evening at 6.30pm. All are welcome, without obligation.

We are an inter faith group who practise Christian Mediation in the tradition of the Desert Fathers reintroduced in our times to Christian Communities by John Main and continued now by Fr. Laurence Freeman and the World Community for Christian Meditation.

Further information about form of meditation this can be found on the World Community for Christian Meditation website

A  list of retreats  and workshops is now available at the new home of the WCCM community at Bonnevaux Abbey near Poitiers  in France. See for all the details. You will also see photos of the recent blessing of the first  phase of the renovation by the Bishop of Poitiers.

Newcomers and people of all faiths and none are welcome. For further information telephone Marcella McCarthy at 691435788.

For information about the 2019 John Main Seminar, which is organised by the WCCM click on: Vancouver 2019