Aid in Europe: Our parish has been very generous in supporting worthy projects in, amongst other places, South America and Africa. For the four Sundays of Advent we are looking a little closer to home: to European countries where people are struggling with crippling debt.

There will be a retiring collection in SS Peter & Paul & St Alphonse each Saturday evening/Sunday morning which will be in support of 4 aid organisations, working respectively in Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy. The donations collected will be send directly by the parish to the organisations, which are: The Red Cross (Spain), The Red Cross (Portugal), SOS Children’s Villages (Greece),  and The Red Cross (Italy). All of these organisations are providing aid to their own citizens, and our contributions will be for these home projects.

Of course, if you wish to give to one or more particular organisation, rather than all four, simply put your offering in an envelope marked accordingly and your donation will be allocated as requested. This is a free-will collection, and no-one should feel under any pressure or obligation to contribute. Fr Ed

UPDATE: SUNDAY 2 DECEMBER, YOU GAVE €820. This amount will be forwarded to the Red Cross in Spain, which for the first time is directing aid towards domestic Spanish causes as well as to causes abroad. Many thanks for your continued generosity.