Music and the Liturgy

We are blessed in several ways regarding music in the liturgy in our parish:
A long history of music in the liturgy, with willing volunteers involved in this vital ministry
Many people of talent and enthusiasm, able to play instruments, sing, animate… and sing along
We have a lively community, willing to join in and participate fully each weekend at Mass
We have people from different cultures, from whom we can learn to our mutual benefit.
Our recent Confirmation Mass demonstrated that we have up-and-coming talent in our young adults, something which can greatly enrich our celebrations, and something we will be happy to encourage.

After speaking with several people involved in music in our parish, I propose that we talk some more, together, in a meeting open to all, especially to those involved (past and present) and those who would like to be involved in our music.

The initial meeting will be on Monday 24 June at 19:00, 34 rue des Capucins, for all who are interested in music in the liturgy in our parish. I propose that this meeting will be for all of us to share our ideas about how best we proceed regarding a number of issues:

  • Choosing hymns/chants/Mass settings for each Sunday
  • Designating particular Sundays (ie. once a month) as Masses with a focus on children
  • Looking at what musical talent/willingness we have, and how best to employ it
  • How we, as the English-speaking Catholic community are responsive to the different nationalities represented amongst us, in terms of music
  • What planning/provision we can make for occasional events (Messe Intercommunautaire, Oktave, etc)
  • The relationship of our music to our celebration of the liturgy in general

I intend to circulate a draft including ideas/suggestions in advance of the meeting, so we have a basic orientation beforehand. I welcome response to these before, during and after the meeting! I will post an update on this website with draft ideas, and I look forward to responses. Fr Ed