Our Parish Council has identified the issue of Safeguarding as one to be addressed urgently, and has begun working towards formulating and implementing a full Safeguarding Policy. Cheryl Kouba and Robert Foley have begun work on this, consulting the Anglican community (who have a full policy in place) and the archdiocese here, which has its own policy. Once our guidelines are in place, and we have begun implementing them, details will be made available to parishioners.

One aspect of a policy is to have a trained Safeguarding representative as a point of contact between ourselves and the diocese, whose contact details are publicised in the parish, and with whom any concerns can be raised. As we have not reached that point yet,  the Council have agreed to be points of contact, and will refer issues raised as appropriate.

If you do have concerns regarding inappropriate behaviour by, or towards members of our community, please do not hesitate to share them.

Safeguarding is for the protection of our children, young people, vulnerable adults, all of us who are in contact with them (catechists, priest, etc) and for the safety of our community.

Best wishes,

Fr Ed