On 30 June a Mass of thanksgiving was celebrated in St Alphonse in honour of the long years of faithful service given by P. Rall to the European Parish.  P. Erny Gillen, the Vicaire Général, celebrated the Mass. Many people wished to express their appreciation of the ministry of P. Rall: our own parish council sent him a gift on behalf of the English-speaking section of the parish.  P. Rall sent us the following message:

Dear Friends,
I have been very touched by the sentiments you have expressed and the generosity you have shown me
on the occasion of my retirement as Moderateur of the European parish.

I would like to express here my sincere thanks.
You will always be present in my heart,  my thoughts, and in my prayers.

With cordial and friendly greetings,
P. Benoît Rall

In addition, he asked that we distribute this prayer and picture, entitled Merci.

We are delighted that P. Rall appears to be recovering well, and we continue to keep him in our prayers.