Dear Father Ed

Please can you help us to start a chain of prayer for Lauren Patterson, a  lovely young woman of only 24, who was brutally murdered in Doha, Qatar last month. Some of our parishioners, especially children who attend St. Georges school, will have known her. She worked as a teacher there before she went to Doha to teach English 2 years ago. She was the eldest of three children and a tremendous support to her mother, Alison, who tragically lost her husband  (Lauren’s  father) just 5 years ago and has since moved back to England with her two younger children…
 After speaking to Alison, we think that it would be a wonderful and positive thing if we could get as many churches as possible, of all denominations both here and in the UK and Ireland, to include her in their prayers this Sunday. We will be in touch with our old parish, St. Aidans in Coulsdon and many friends from HCPT  as well as friends and family who attend churches in UK and Ireland and ask them to pray for her on 24th November, an important time for her family.
If you could please ask our parish to pass on this request for prayer to their friends and families too, we could have thousands of people praying together for Lauren.
John and Sonya Heffernan