I received the following email from a young man in Goa. Are you able to give him the advice he is looking for? If so, send me an email and I’ll put you in touch.

Thanks, Fr Ed.

“hello Fr.Ed,
I came across your email through European Parish of Luxembourg website. My name is Daryl Colaco, I am 29 years male from Goa, India. I am Catholic (RC), I belong to cortalim parish and my church is St.Philip and St .James.

I am about to get Portuguese citizenship as my province Goa in India was a former Portuguese colony. I hold a masters degree in accounts, have worked in India as well gulf and am writing to you as I have plans to relocate to EU with my new citizenship.
I have been in contact with a Luxembourg native through web search, whom I intend to rent out initially, but I would like to know from you how is the job market in Luxembourg? is it possible to get a job if you are fluent in English and have some basic knowledge of French.
Please let me know your thoughts.”