Naturally there is much interest in music in our parish, especially during the 11:15 Sunday Mass. I have received requests for more ‘folk’ masses, a formal part-choir, more traditional (English) hymns, a ‘rock’ Mass and a ‘gospel’ Mass (from last year’s Confirmation candidates), more Taizé chants – the list goes on. Obviously, the easiest way to respond to these demands would be piecemeal – a little bit of everything we can manage. To an extent, this has necessarily been our default position, given the changes our parish has been through in the last 18 months. But something more is required, I think – a strategy; what vision are we aiming for in our parish regarding the music: what goals would we like to attain? What resources do we have? How do we plan towards our ideal future? To this end I have produced a paper which gives a brief resumé of our situation, an overview of the resources available to us, principles I think should be observed, an outline strategy and practical proposals for moving forward. You can access the paper here. For the moment it is for conversation and reflection, but I intend to open a discussion thread on our website to enable comment and opinion. All results will be available to the Parish Council for deliberation. I know we are impatient to move forward (and I think we already have) but to short-cut the process would lead, I believe, to a potentially poorer result. Fr Ed.