16th Sunday in Ordinary Time, year A

Today’s Readings

First Reading  Wisdom 12:13, 16-19  After praising God, the author continues ‘…you have given your sons the good hope that after sin you will grant repentance.’

Second Reading Romans 8:26-27  The Holy Spirit comes to help us when we do not know how to pray

Gospel Matthew 13:24-30 shorter form  Jesus tells a parable where weeds grow amongst the wheat and remain there — until they are separated at harvest time and the weeds are burned — a parable of judgement.


This week the choir will be continuing with the Belmont Mass setting, a simple but beautiful setting of the Mass texts. You can find a recording of the Belmont Mass (the Kyrie is missing) here
Opening Hymn: Morning has broken  671
Penitential Rite Belmont Mass
Gloria  Belmont Mass
Psalm said
Creed said
Preparation of the Gifts  organ; followed by Blest are you, Lord  603
Sanctus  Belmont Mass
Agnus Dei Belmont Mass
Holy Communion  organ; O Bread of Heaven  662
Recessional  My soul proclaims the Lord, my God  340

Prayer of the Faithful
Praying especially for:
Eileen Brett, lately dead.