The Art of Music – Concert

Westron Wynde

The Art of Music will give its next concert of music from the 16th century and earlier (‘Westron Wynde’) at 5.15 on Sunday, 28 September in the Eglise St Jean, rue Munster, Luxembourg-Grund. One of the two main themes is the Italian reformer Girolamo Savonarola, who wrote the texts of many of the works in the first part of our programme; the other is the life and death of John the Baptist, an appropriate subject for a concert in the Eglise St-Jean.

See the flyer here.

Choral music by great Renaissance composers

Jacobus Clemens non Papa, Antonius Galli, Francisco Guerrero,

Hans Leo Hassler, William Hunnis, John Taverner, Philippe

Verdelot, Tomás Luis de Victoria, Adrian Willaert & Anonymous

The Art of Music