A notice from Geoff Thompson, Organiser of the British & Irish Film Season which may be of interest to some parishioners:

As you may be aware I am organising the 5th annual British & Irish Film Season from 24 Sept to 7 Oct – see for details. One film, Noble, (Fri 26/9 @ 17:00 @ Ciné Utopia; Wed 1/10 @ 19:00 @ Utopolis-Kirchberg) tells the truly inspirational story of Christina Noble who set up a foundation for street children in Vietnam. It would be great if you could let the congregation know of this screening as many may want to attend.

Synopsis: Based on a true story, Christina Noble overcomes the harsh difficulties of her childhood in Ireland to discover her destiny on the streets of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam. Born into poverty, she eventually survives to found a charity to support street children in Vietnam – youngsters with whom she can associate. Shifting between past and present, the film charts both her early life growing up in Dublin as well as later in Vietnam. It focuses on her strength of character as she uses music and humour to pursue an almost impossible dream. She has gone on to help over 700,000 street children the other side of the world. Truly inspirational.

An entire list of the films is as follows:

–          A Dangerous Game (Sco), documentary

–          A Practical Guide to a Successful Suicide (Sco), black comedy

–          An Bronntanas (Irl), thriller (EN subtitles)

–          Calvary (Irl), black comedy (FR, NL subtitles)

–          Castles in the Sky (Sco), drama

–          Hector and the Search for Happiness (En), comedy drama (FR, Nl sub-titles)

–          Locke (En), drama (FR, NL sub-titles)

–          Noble (En), biopic

–          Poison Pen (Irl), rom com

–          Pride, (Wa, En), comedy drama (FR, NL sub-titles)

–          The Light of Day (Irl), mockumentary

–          The Riot Club (En), thriller (FR, NL sub-titles)

–          The Trip to Italy (En, Wa), comedy drama (FR, NL sub-titles)

–          What If (Irl), romantic drama (FR, NL sub-titles)

The full screening schedule is available

You may be interested that we have a number of “special guests” attending this year as well, as follows:

  • Sun 28/9: A Dangerous Game (Director, Skype)
  • Sat 27/9: A Practical Guide… (Producer, in person)
  • Thu 25/9: An Bronntanas (crew member, in person)
  • Tue 7/10: Castles in the Sky – CLOSING (Producer & Actor, in person; actor, Skype)
  • Wed 1/10: Noble (1 Oct, director, in person)
  • Thu 2/10: The Light of Day (actor, in person)

Please let me know if you are intending to come as a group and I can block-book tickets for you. Otherwise, tickets can be purchased online at or at the cinemas themselves. Or, a Season Special Ticket is available (5 films for €25).