28th Sunday Ordinary Time Year A Today’s Readings First Reading  Isaiah 25:6-10a  The rich blessings which await those the Lord saves. Second Reading Philippians 4:12-14, 19-20  All that Paul can do is due to God’s strength. Gospel Matthew 22:1-10 In accepting God’s invitation, we find life. MUSIC This week we will be continuing with the Belmont Mass setting. The musical notation, along with the hymn numbers, is printed on the inside of the Mass leaflet. Opening Hymn: Holy, holy, holy Lord God almighty  468 Penitential Rite Belmont Mass Gloria  Belmont Mass Psalm sung; refrain: His goodness will follow me always, to the end of my days Creed said Gospel Acclamation Belmont Preparation of the Gifts  Blest are you, Lord  603 Sanctus  Belmont Mass Agnus Dei Belmont Mass Holy Communion  Alleluia, alleluia, give thanks to the risen Lord   268 Recessional  I danced in the morning  765 Prayer of the Faithful Praying especially for: Saturday: Eddie McMahon (lately dead) Sunday: Laura Walsh (1st anniversary) Next Sunday 19 October Kitty Hogan, month’s mind (mother of Anne Ryan)