29th Sunday Ordinary Time Year A Today’s Readings 

Today is Mission Sunday — our weekly collection will be sent to the diocese to support missionary work abroad

First Reading  Isaiah 45:1, 4-6  The Lord uses Cyrus, enemy of Israel, to teach the Israelites a lesson

Second Reading Thessalonians 1:1-5b  Paul congratulates the believers on their conviction in faith.

Gospel Matthew 22:15-21  The Pharisees try to trap Jesus into committing treason against Caesar. He turns their question around.


This week we will be continuing with the Belmont Mass setting.

Opening Hymn: Holy God we praise thy name  708
Penitential Rite Belmont Mass
Gloria  Belmont Mass
Psalm said
Creed said
Gospel Acclamation Belmont
Preparation of the Gifts  organ; followed by Blest are you, Lord  603
Sanctus  Belmont Mass
Memorial Acclamation Belmont Mass
Agnus Dei Belmont Mass
Holy Communion  organ; My soul proclaims you, Mighty God  340
Recessional  O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder  721
Prayer of the Faithful Praying especially for:
Saturday: Paul Kouba, who died recently. RIP.
Sunday: Kitty Hogan (month’s mind) RIP.