Over the past few weeks we have been welcoming a Syrian family to our Sunday Mass; they escaped the horrors of the civil war in their home country, and have been facing an uncertain future. Members of our parish have been helping them as need has arisen. We have just received some (qualified) good news in an email from Agnès Rausch, who first alerted us to their situation; Agnès is happy for us to publish her email:

“Did you all get the good news about the positive decision regarding Hanady and Basel’s asylum request ? In the coming weeks, they will have a lot of administrative steps to undertake : requests for Geneva Convention passports, request of stay permit, both needed before official registration at the municipality; then family allowance and social aid /(RMG) must be applied for. Normally the social worker from OLAI is guiding them through this paper jungle.

More important is that normally in 2-3 months the family will have a regular income (RMG and family allowance) which will allow them to rent a private apartment. You know about the difficult housing situation in Luxembourg, so they need all our support and contacts to find a suitable place ; a 3 bedroom apartment would be ideal. Having their own home would also open the door to a family reunion request; I think about Hanady’s parents… The location is also important, as it should be well connected to public transport and near to a crèche for the children.

Together, and with God’s help, we will be successful.

I wish a blessed Advent-time to you all. Agnès”

I am happy to pass on to Agnès any information that might be helpful to the Nader family.

Fr Ed