‘Gentle and lowly of heart’ is the title of a concert of Latvian folk songs which will take place in the church of St Alphonse at 12:20 on Sunday 1st February. The concert, organised by a member of our music group, focuses on the image of God which permeates Latvian folk songs. The musicians playing at the concert will also be playing alongside our own Music Group at the 11:15 Mass on the same day — something that promises to be a musical feast, and something which further enhances our Sunday worship. Entry is free, and there will be a freewill collection towards expenses, and to help fund an art and music project in the European School called Identity — exploring cultural identity amongst Latvian students.

Fr Ed

A flyer for the concert can be found here:

Gentle and Lowly in Heart

Further information on Latvian folk music, the ‘kokle’ instrument, and the musicians, can be found here.