Final preparations are being made for our annual outdoor Mass which this year, once again, is in the garden at St Alphonse at 11:15.

A week ago the weather forecast for tomorrow (14th June) was dire: heavy rain storms all day. Happily (and thank you to all who have been praying), the forecast looks great: 26º and sunny. There are lots of awnings to provide shelter from the lovely, welcome and warm rays of the sun.

To date, 300 people have signed up for the BBQ. With the gospel of the feeding of the 5,000 in mind, we will have enough loaves and fishes (and sausages and burgers) for many more. 

There is no fixed charge, but you are invited to make a donation towards costs.

For many years, this Mass has proved to be a memorable occasion: Mass outdoors; our community meeting socially and spiritually; so many groups working together to make it all happen; and last, but certainly not least, it is one of our significant ‘showcase’ events where many visitors experience something vibrant and new, and leave feeling encouraged and strengthened in faith.

Come, pray, enjoy, give thanks — and eat!

Fr Ed