The week after we celebrated our First Holy Communion Mass at St Alphonse, we had another celebration at Cents: five young people, catechised by the Sisters, made their First Holy Communion at a Mass celebrated in English. The Mass was beautiful: well-prepared, everyone sang beautifully, the children were entirely au fait with what they were celebrating, and the weather, again, was perfect.

The Mass wasn’t as grand as that of the previous week at St Alphonse, but it was much more intime, with an immediate sense of family and community. The community of Sisters at Cents (from Argentina) are an important focus for Catholics in the area, and for the Spanish-speaking Catholic community. They are also able to help in Sacramental Preparation for our community when English is the common language for the children.

Congratulations to the children (Pedro, Sophie, Theodoro, Elena and Lucas, in no particular order) and thanks to Sisters of Cents (the nun in blue is Sr Celestial)

Fr Ed


After the celebration

Honouring the Virgin