Here is a message from John Coughlan, Contact Parish/Archdiocese for Help for Refugees

Following the recent influx of refugees into Europe and the Archbishop’s appeal for Catholics in Luxembourg to help out, the main organisations responsible for helping refugees in Luxembourg (Caritas and the Red Cross) are in the fortunate position of having more than enough volunteers and material resources to meet current requirements. This situation may change, however, as the initial expression of goodwill fades and as the specific needs of refugees arriving in Luxembourg becomes clearer. If you would like to help when needed, the following options are available:
(1) The Archdiocese is organising training sessions for parish representatives willing to work with refugees. The first round of sessions is fully booked but if you are interested in signing up for the next (in French or Luxembourgish), please let me know and I will keep you informed.
(2) If you can spare some time to accompany newly arrived refugees, you can indicate your availability at the following website:
(3) One area in which our parish might be able to help out more than others is language skills. If you can communicate in Arabic, Farsi, Pashto or any other of the main languages spoken by refugees reaching Luxembourg, you may be able to help out with initial administrative procedures and the settling-in of newly arrived refugees. If you are willing to help with teaching local languages, this may also be appreciated. Either way, please let me know or sign up on the link indicated above.
Many thanks for your support.
John Coughlan
Contact Parish/Archdiocese for Help for Refugees
Fr Ed adds: Thank you to all those who have already contacted me with offers of help for refugees. Clearly now our efforts are best co-ordinated with the archdiocese, as outlined above. We will remain alert to any further requests for help, and John will keep us up-to-date with progress.