We now have over 20 altar servers, and as many as 12 are serving at any given Sunday Mass. There is great energy and enthusiasm in the servers’ group, but with these numbers it’s clear we urgently need some training — some newer (and some older) team members have not had any training, and this  means that sometimes there can be confusion about what should be done and how it should be done.

Our next training session is on 12th December at 14:00 in St Alphonse church, and will include practical tips, a fun quiz, rehearsal of the different roles and refreshments. Please encourage your children to come to this meeting: it will help each server know their role, give them an opportunity to ask questions, and to get to know other team-members better.

Please contact the Servers’ Co-ordinator, Teresa Rubaek and let her know if your children will be attending or not.

Thank you,

Fr Ed