Easter Thanks

We still bathe in the glow of our Holy Week and  Easter celebrations, which here at St Alphonse were the best attended ever. It’s not easy taking time out for the Holy Week and Easter liturgies, but hundreds of you did, and contributed so much to the beautiful, moving ceremonies. A special word of thanks must go to all who helped make the week so special in church; in no particular order:

  • The music group who prepared so well and led us so beautifully in the liturgies
  • The hospitality team who provided seasonal refreshments on Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday
  • The small but faithful group of altar servers, some of whom served at Mass way past their normal bedtime, and did so with real energy and enthusiasm
  • Readers, Eucharistic Ministers, Prayers-of-the-Faithful composers
  • Sonya (artist) and John (labourer!) who constructed the Easter Garden and Tomb
  • Brendan O’Sullivan, who worked against the clock to make the Easter Cross (solid oak, beautifully crafted, from roof-beams)
  • The (scratch) choir from the Anglican community who led us so beautifully in the ceremony of the Burial of the Lord on Good Friday
  • Children’s Catechists, nourishing the knowledge and faith of our youngest parishioners in their liturgy
  • Those who welcome, organise, move furniture, tidy up, count collections and contribute in myriad other ways.

What we sometimes overlook is that the Good News is not just proclaimed in our liturgies, but equally in the manner in which they are conducted: they are from the community, by the community, serving the wider community — for the glory of God. I have heard so many times that people who visit are impressed by the level of involvement of parishioners — and even more so by the spirit of faith, enthusiasm and joy with which people serve. Sincere and deep thanks to all!

Fr Ed