International Mass, Wednesday

This Wednesday, 27th April, we have our annual International Mass as part of the Oktav. The Mass will be celebrated in English and Spanish (Padre Guillermo and myself) and the music will be provided by our very own Music Group (in English).

This used to be the Mass of the Paroisse Européenne, but now is much simplified. It would be great if we could all be there at the cathedral for this Mass, praying and singing as we do so well on Sundays.

The plan is that we meet in the garden/parking at St Alphonse at 18:45, so the servers can robe and find their candles, the cross etc. Then at 19:00 we will process together from St Alphonse to the cathedral, making our presence felt en route!

A procession of 12 people doesn’t always have the same witness value as a procession of 112… so let’s all do what we can to be there, to witness to our faith, to pray together, to support the archdiocese in its pastoral work — and to avoid yet another evening in front of the tv!

So, Assemble 18:45, Process: 19:00, Celebrate Mass together 19:30, and then informally process to the Place Guillaume for Grompelchirchelker/Grompelkirchelcher/Grompelkirshelsher (potato cakes – google is no help with translation here), and any other refreshments being offered!

After the Mass, the rosary is being recited during a procession from St Michel to the cathedral, starting at 21:00. All are welcome to join this event. Cheryl Kouba is the contact person.

See you 19:00 at St Alphonse ! Fr Ed