Our Orthodox friends

Every 2 months or so, St Alphonse hosts the Divine Liturgy (Mass) for the Bulgarian Orthodox community. The situation of the Bulgarian community is reminiscent of the beginnings of our English-speaking community here in Luxembourg — the community is relatively recent, seeking a home for their Sunday liturgy, and the hope is that the regular celebration of liturgy will help build and strengthen their community here.

This coming Sunday, 1st May, is the Orthodox Easter. We have offered the garden and meeting room at St Alphonse for their Easter picnic — and also our tents/awnings, given the unpredictability of the weather.

So, to the ask: we need able-bodied parishioners to give a few minutes after our Mass to help erect the tents/awnings. I’m certain we can do this, and help our friends.

Thanks in advance,
Fr Ed