Meeters & Greeters

It would be great if people arriving in church for Mass on Saturday evening and Sunday morning were met with a smile, the offer of a Mass leaflet and a Mass card; and on Sundays, the offer to show them to an available seat (happily, hard to find).

Would you consider being part of this ministry? You wouldn’t need to be there every week, just to be part of a team of volunteers helping to make our parish even more welcoming.

We would have a training session, and once-or-twice yearly spiritual top-ups as to the importance of what we do (as happens with almost all of our ministries – we’re working on the exceptions).

Please give this serious consideration. You don’t need to be holy, beautiful/handsome, influential — just to be able to imagine how a visitor might be helped by a smile and a friendly greeting, with the offer of practical help!

Get in touch!

Fr Ed