Model railway enthusiasts?

For 50 years, I have been enthused by, and engaged with, model railways. If you have no interest in model railways, there is no need to read further — you will just be perplexed or annoyed.

My first train set featured locomotive 00-gauge Mallard, with passenger coaches. More recently, due to the demands of frequent relocation, I have been more engaged with n-gauge.

I have 2 locos, rolling stock, and am replenishing my virtually non-existent stock of track.

Are you a model railway enthusiast? Could you offer advice/participate in a little project? That is to have one or more layouts in our parish, to involve others (especially children/young adults) in periodic get-togethers to help design and fabricate layouts, and join in the running of the trains?

I confess that although I have huge enthusiasm, I have little knowledge or informed experience. This is possibly one of the strangest appeals I have posted on our parish website, but it just might be the beginning of something!

Thanks for persevering to the end of this appeal!

Fr Ed