Garango Good News

For 30 years, our community has been raising money for projects in Garango, Burkina Faso. Prominent in these efforts (although she will not thank me for mentioning it) is Annette Power, who organises the tea and coffee after Mass each Sunday. Not only does this refreshment service bring us together after Mass as a community, it raises money for Garango. Additionally, we donate the 1, 2 & 5 cent coins from our weekly collections to the same project. Annette informs me that in the past year we have raised over €3.000, a remarkable €800 more than last year. For us, this is a statistic, but for the people of Garango it means a new classroom, water-pump and other essential community provisions.

On behalf of our community, a big ‘Thank You’ to Annette, and to all who donate week by week to these projects.

Fr Ed