Serving the Homeless

The issue of homelessness in Luxembourg is as real as it is in so many places; for us in our parish, it presents itself at the door of the church, and at the entry to the parking in the Place du Théatre — men and women begging for money. The issue is complex: there are organised ‘professional’ beggars in the city, and there are others who ask for money, often because they have mental health, addiction, poverty or other issues. Should we give money, not knowing whether we are simply salving our conscience, or feeding the problems… One thing is clear: we wish to help, in the most effective way possible.

I have recently had contact with two organisations, the first being Cent Buttek, which collects unsold foodstuffs from shops, and distributes them from their own outlets to people in need; and Stëmm van der Stroos, which is engaged with meeting the needs of homeless people in the Grand Duchy. I was impressed with the work of both enterprises.

I am proposing a meeting of interested parishioners with a representative from each organisation to explore how our community can best engage with the pressing issue of homelessness in Luxembourg. I need someone who will organise and facilitate this meeting. It can be in the parish meeting room, at any time or date of choice. Those who attend will be under no obligation: we wish to hear from those working in this field what we could contribute, whether money, volunteering to help or whatever.

Thank you for your consistent and generous help in all the works of our parish.

Fr Ed